The starter kit includes an ebook, a book and three videos, a value of $90 for $70.

The McDougall Program for Women

Most of the diseases a woman suffers—from precocious puberty to uterine fibroids—are caused by the rich Western diet. Her suffering is compounded by mistreatment from male-dominated medical businesses. Learn essential information about pregnancy, breast-feeding, mammograms, breast cancer, hysterectomies, osteoporosis, HRT, heart disease, and more. Includes over 100 recipes.


The Starch Solution

Based on the latest scientific research, this easy-to-follow plan teaches you what to eat and what to avoid, how to make healthy swaps for your favorite foods, and smart choices when dining out. Starting with a 7-Day Sure-Start Plan, you’ll enjoy a variety of foods and snacks that ensure you never go hungry—and still lose weight! You’ll also find a helpful weekly menu planner and 100 delicious, satisfying (and affordable) recipes that will become instant classics.


McDougall Made Easy & McDougall Made Irresistible

The two most practical McDougall DVDs you will ever own. Twenty-eight life changing lessons with over 40 recipes prepared right before your eyes.


Dr. McDougall's Money-Saving Medical Advice

Information contained in this DVD will save your life and thousands of dollars spent on diet gimmicks, supplements, and the wrong doctors.

Chapter 1: Science Behind the Maximum Weight Loss Program

Chapter 2: Save Money and Your Health – Don’t Buy Vitamins (Except for One)

Chapter 3: How to Pick the Right Doctor


It is no coincidence that the same diet that helps prevent or cure diabetes also causes effortless weight loss, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, cleans out the arteries, and returns the body to excellent function. But no matter how much research appears saying the same thing over and over again, the tide is unlikely to change because of the economic incentives for the medical establishment of continued illness and profitable treatments.

Open heart-surgery is radical. Eating oatmeal and potatoes is not radical.
— Dr. John McDougall