The McDougall Program is for people interested in a lifetime of good health and outstanding personal appearance.

The healthiest diet on the planet


The McDougall Programfor a Healthy Heart


McDougall Made Irresistable



Dr. McDougall Disputes Major Medical Treatments


  • A diet of plant foods, including whole grains and whole-grain products.

  • Plenty of spices and usually small amounts of sugar and salt to enhance the flavor of food.

  • Exercise as simple as a daily walk.

  • The exclusion of animal foods, including red meat, poultry, dairy products, eggs, and fish.

  • The exclusion of all oils including olive oil, safflower oil, and corn oil.


The improvements have gone far beyond the reversal of the disease in my heart’s arteries. So many everyday problems have vanished – high blood pressure, diabetes, high lipids, indigestion, obesity, kidney stones, etc. More important, this is a treatment that I can feel and see. Before, those pills and my old diet made me look and feel awful. I now have a new lease on life.

— Robert Cross: Formerly Dying from Heart Disease
My weight has come down to 120 lbs., without dieting, and my total cholesterol is 123mg/dl (down from an all-time high of 345mg/dl) the lowest it’s ever been in my life. Blood pressure is a non-issue.
— Lyndall Shick: Had Her First Heart Attack at 41
I realized that it was I alone, not genetics, which had the power to give me heart disease. I saw the light, and in one day all of the junk disappeared from my cupboards and fridge and we started eating McDougall style. I love the food.
— Scott Haas: Cures Hypertension
My focus was on reversing coronary heart disease; and happily, lifelong conditions of colitis and migraines simply disappeared.
— Jon Hess: Reversing Heart Disease

The starter kit includes two books and two videos, a value of $90 for $70.

The Healthiest Diet on the Planet

The Healthiest Diet on the Planet invites us to reclaim our health simply by eating the foods we’ve always loved but were told to never eat. This scientifically proven approach not only encourages us to eat the foods we crave and enjoy, but also has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose unwanted weight, discover more energy, discontinue unnecessary medications, avoid illnesses, and live longer and stronger. By enjoying nutritious starches, fruits, and vegetables, we can get healthy, one satisfying meal at a time. Dr. McDougall offers a delicious, easy-to-follow, and proven guide that lets us enjoy the foods we love again — and, in the process, prevent and reverse disease.


The McDougall Program for a Healthy Heart

Disease (atherosclerosis) of the arteries is the number one killer of people following the Western diet. Artery closure causes problems from hearing loss to impotency. Remove the cause and the disease heals. Present day treatments, like angioplasty and bypass surgery, are temporary fixes at best that can be avoided by the well-informed patient. Learn how to reverse heart disease, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and hypertension—and to stop unnecessary medications. Includes over 100 recipes.


McDougall Made Irresistible

14 Life-changing Lessons from John and Mary McDougall

Mary went all out to show you her favorite recipes—ones that are certain to please all family members and dinner guests. In order to do this she artistically introduced some higher-fat plant foods and simple sugars into the basic McDougall Diet to create healthy meals with a touch of elegance. John takes on some of medicine’s greatest controversies in order to give you the opportunity to avoid unnecessary treatments and enjoy the excellent appearance and health you deserve.


Dr. McDougall Disputes Major Medical Treatments

Sick people take medications and see doctors—healthy people don’t. You cannot win when dealing with the medical businesses— my recommendation to you is to get out; and the only safe way to accomplish this goal is to regain your lost health with diet and lifestyle. A change in thinking that you must make is to stop believing you will be saved from common diseases by drugs and surgery. In the lectures on this DVD, Dr. McDougall challenges the current treatments for heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer and premature aging with solid scientific research that is largely unknown to the public—but well known to medical professionals. The powerful messages in these four lectures can save your life and the savings you set aside for a long, fruitful retirement.


It is no coincidence that the same diet that helps prevent or cure diabetes also causes effortless weight loss, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, cleans out the arteries, and returns the body to excellent function. But no matter how much research appears saying the same thing over and over again, the tide is unlikely to change because of the economic incentives for the medical establishment of continued illness and profitable treatments.

Open heart-surgery is radical. Eating oatmeal and potatoes is not radical.
— Dr. John McDougall